Jessie Beveridge - Vox / 
Anthony Mannino- Guitar / 
Dan Cox - Bass / 
Kenny Roberts - Drums 


An unbelievably precise, lowdown, dirty and lean Rock 'N Roll band. 


The Rockit King. A band apart. Whatever preconceptions you have about Rock 'N' Roll music, forget them and believe instead in Truth Will Set You Free, the latest offering from this lean, mean group of Michiganders. 
Truth Will Set You Free, the band's third studio album, takes the listener on a journey with twists and turns varying wide from Blues to Country with plenty of straight ahead Rock. 
"It covers a lot of ground musically” states drummer Kenny Roberts. "We made the album in batches and in different locations in an effort to really mix things up." 
"We began with the intention of this album being the best thing we've ever done" explains bassist Dan Cox, "It had to be." 
The album took shape over multiple writing and recording sessions all taking place over several years. 
"We played gigs throughout the writing and much of the recording process" says frontman Jessie Beveridge, "The approach took a bit longer than expected but we think the material and the performances speak for themselves." 
Lyrically the album seems loosely themed around getting unstuck from a rut, a subject close to Beveridge's heart. "Hard times lead to real words, sometimes heavy, sometimes really uplifting, but always close to home." 
The Rockit King also appear to be keen studies of all things blues with tracks like the eponymous 'The Truth Will Set You Free'. "You don't have a Rockit King album without the blues," says Beveridge "and don't forget the shuffle. It's part of our DNA." 
"A lot of thought went into sounds and drum parts, especially the kick drum." said Roberts. "We saw that as the foundation of the whole thing.” adds Beveridge "Down and dirty, four on the floor Rock 'N' Roll." 
Thirteen years in and with the release of Truth Will Set You Free, The Rockit King seem to be finding their spades.....